Yu Shuxin’s Billionaire Father Had Invested in “Love Between Fairy and Devil”

One of the summer's biggest Chinese hits was "Love Between Fairy and Devil," which propelled Esther Yu Shuxin and Dylan Wang Hedi...

One of the summer’s biggest Chinese hits was “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” which propelled Esther Yu Shuxin and Dylan Wang Hedi to the top of the idol ranks. The drama achieved high ratings, despite Immortal Samsara and Love Like the Galaxy airing during the same summer slot.

With Dylan and Esther’s rise in popularity, many are interested in learning more about their family backgrounds. Dylan was thought to come from a rich family, but it turns out that he grew up in an average family and his father owns a skewer restaurant.

On the other hand, Esther is a true wealthy second generation and often flaunts her wealth. Her family’s net worth is estimated to be worth 40 billion Chinese yuan. When Esther was 15, her wealth was already over CNY 40 million. She owns four properties in Shanghai, all facing the river.

Esther’s neighbors include A-listers such as Zanilia Zhao Liying. Surrounding herself with people of similar status, she was also seen partying at a club on Halloween with Wang Sicong, the son of one of the richest men in China, spending a whopping CNY 200,000 that night!

Esther had previously disclosed that she had prepared over 100 outfits in preparation for an appearance on a show. When she invited the filming crew to her home, Esther’s Hermes tableware and luxury watches and bags were visible.

A Sensible Upbringing

However, Esther expressed that her parents were very strict with her financially. She was not allowed to buy things that were unsuitable for her age, such as a cell phone. She had to take public transportation to and from school. When she attended university in Singapore, she lived in a regular apartment, unlike her peers, who lived in luxury apartments.

A Budding Entrepreneur

Since elementary school, Esther has been a budding entrepreneur and sold stationery supplies to her classmates. At the suggestion of her father, she started to sell via live stream in high school. At the age of 25, she already owns five companies and is a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Esther boldly proclaimed that she was able to supplement Love Between Fairy and Devil’s budget because she is rich. Her father had allegedly invested in the drama and hired 27 intangible cultural heritage craftsmen to create the props, including the fans, embroidery, lacquer art, and jade carvings. The investment paid off, as the beautiful props were one of the reasons for the drama’s good reception.

Source: Up Media

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