YooA, a member of the group Oh My Girl, blew a tip at a malicious commenter

YooA, a member of OH MY GIRL, criticized the haters....

Oh My Girl’s YooA coolly put down the malicious comments she received during her livestream.

On Sep 29th, YooA‘s response to malicious comments during a Weverse Live was posted on Twitter. YooA said to the netizens who attacked her with malicious comments, “Writing malicious comments like that means you are really sincere. You deserve a clap for that. Clap for them, cheer up,” she replied coolly.

Netizens who watched the video commented, “There seems to be no hitting sense”, “She’s very strong”, “She’s a strong girl”, “Those kids should be sued” and “By the way, YooA is cute.”

YooA debuted with girl group Oh My Girl in 2015 and is carrying out active activities. She released her second full-length album “Real Love” in March.

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