“YG also said it was difficult to control…” The secret story behind Park Bom’s ‘health abnormality’

The personal story about Park Bom, a former member of '2NE1', ...

The personal story about Park Bom, a former member of ‘2NE1‘, which was raised about health problems due to the remarkably changed current situation, has been reported.

On the 24th, on the YouTube channel ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho,’ ‘2NE1 Park Bom is in a sad state of health. A video titled ‘The Real Reason I’m Fat’ has been uploaded.

Previously, Park Bom shocked the audience by taking a candid photo of ‘POPSTIVAL 2022’ held in the Philippines on the 21st.

Contrary to what was recently reported to have been successful in dieting, it was in a state of rapid weight gain, which raised doubts.

In this regard, Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter and YouTuber, said, “Park Bom lost a lot of weight just eight months ago.” I pointed out

Fortunately, contract-related issues are not very likely to arise, given the timing.

However, it is said that Park Bom suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), so it is difficult to control her appetite. He recounted past interviews with officials from his former agency, YG Entertainment.

The official said, “It is unknown whether Park Bom developed ADD, but it was difficult to control. When she was stressed, it led to binge eating.”

Lee Jin-ho claims that Park Bom gained weight after disbanding ‘2NE1’ because of stress.

He added, “She has gained more weight than last August, so there are concerns that there may have been some stressful incident.”

Regarding the stage of ‘2NE1‘ as a whole, he said, “It’s difficult in the current situation. In the case of Park Bom, you will have to focus on your treatment rather than activities.”

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