When a famous girl group member shoots ‘Girlfriend♥’ Joy… Crush who posted a sniper post

Crush posted an Instagram story on the 5th...

ITZY‘s Ryujin mentioned the devotees of singer Crush and Red Velvet’s Joy, and Crush posted a meaningful post.

Crush posted a quote related to her attitude on her Instagram story in the past five days.

The post reads, ‘Whatever you look like, kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world,’ ‘You must learn to be gentle, love and forgive yourself. Only those who treat themselves with the right attitude can treat others with the right attitude,’ ‘Happiness is an attitude.’

Some argue that Ryujin may have posted a sniper post consciously mentioning Crush’s public devotees. However, it is also the case that Ryujin is being criticized for being somewhat rude by saying the dating history of a senior idol from her other agency, not her same agency.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Honestly, there’s nothing to say if Crush shoots openly, isn’t it?”, “I think it’s at the top of my standard cubic video,” “Which idol is referring to dating a senior idol from another company?”, “That rude remark is true.” etc.

Previously, Ryujin read a comment left by a fan on Naver V Live on the 4th, “Crush paying more taxes.” This comment means ‘pay more tax’ because Crush is in a public relationship with Joy.

At that time, when Ryujin read this comment, Yeji, next to her, asked, “What is that?” Then, Ryujin whispered to Yeji, “Aren’t you dating Joy (with Crush)?” Controversy arose as the conversation between the two was broadcast live.

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