“What are some of your offensive opinions about BLACKPINK?” — BLACKPINK Hot Topic Among Netizens!

What are some of your offensive opinions about BLACKPINK?...

A netizen recently shared an article about “What are some of your offensive opinions about BLACKPINK?”. This article instantly became a hot topic among fellow netizens.

Here are some articles from netizens and some fan comments

1. Jisoo stans should stop playing the Victim card

I’m saying this as someone who has Jisoo as their ULT in KPOP; even if Jisoo is the least popular member in BLACKPINK, she still beats other popular idols in popularity, so I don’t understand why some Jisoo stans are sad that she isn’t popular when she clearly can win a lot of groups in terms of popularity. In my opinion, Jisoo and rosé have the same amount of popularity. Second place is Jennie; first place is Lisa, but who’s more biased rosé is last; Jennie is third, Jisoo is second, and Lisa is first. So stop saying Jisoo needs more attention when literally, Dior and Cartier had a mini battle over Jisoo. Yall are just making OT4 blinks look bad, yes, she might be the least popular member of Blackpink, but that doesn’t mean she is the least popular idol.

Jisoo also tends to have many non-blinks supporting her because they think she isn’t talented and isn’t seen as a threat to their faves. So that’s why you see tons of arms supporting her.

2. We get it Lisa is famous, friendly, talented, etc.

Naur, I hate Lisa Stan for this. In every video I click on, there is always this Lisa stan.

We can all agree that Lisa is talented; she is so lovely and kind. Lisa knows how to make everyone laugh. That’s why she is my bias. She also-

Bish, shut it up. This isn’t an emotional quote video for Lisa. It’s funny. Naur, like Lisa, appears for a second in a member crack video. These Lisa stans come and write an essay 👴 I probably can grow white hair, and they are still not finished; I would be rich now and overtake Elon musk place with how many times have ive seen comments like this.

No, like please, Lisa helps a member, and out of nowhere, Lisa stans come and say, “look at Lisa, she could be a Blackpink leader” 👴👴👴👴👴 get tf out, y. Everyone saw a basic human helping a fundamental human and getting called the world leader.

3. Jennie stans are trying to downgrade jisoo

Stap, please; tons of Jennie stans say that Jennie should be the main visual and lead vocalist. I’m like 👴 yall ever heard of KBS y heard of Jennie being treated more as a lead vocalist than Jisoo does. And then there’s also Jennie Stan, who wants Jennie to make a solo comeback. Bish Jennie belongs to a group she isn’t a soloist, and Jisoo still didn’t have her solo debut.

4. Rosé stans being mean to Jisoo stans and Jisoo

Just look at this.

This Jisoo stan had this reply to rosé solo hard to love

and this is how some toxic fansé replied

This Rosé replied to a Jisoo stan post

and these were the replies

I took these on 17 September. There is probably more.

This was more towards their stans than Blackpink themselves, but yeah.

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**Note: This post does not intend to bring any of the person down, nor give hate.

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