What are some of the less known fact about Blackpink?

Let’s see how much y’all know about BLACKPINK LOL. Jennie: Jennie once got scammed with fake Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks. Jennie had always celebrated her birthday in the practice room so wh...

Let’s see how much y’all know about BLACKPINK LOL.


Jennie once got scammed with fake Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks.

Jennie had always celebrated her birthday in the practice room so when BLINKs sent her birthday gifts and wishes, Jennie felt very touched.

Jennie thinks that she was not pretty when she was a child.

Jennie learned how romance and love works by watching dramas and movies.

She said that if she wasn’t an idol, she would be a panda breeder (a person who takes care of pandas in a zoo).

Jennie worked on ‘SOLO’ for a year, starting with writing the lyrics, making up the concept, and practicing the dance.


When Jisoo’s brother was in the military, he wrote her a letter and Jisoo wrote back by correcting all of his grammar and he never wrote to her again LMAO ????

When Jisoo was in high school, people would often say her lips look like a parrot’s mouth.

She used to have drama practice till 12 AM when she was in school. She would whistle on her way home and her whistling would echo through the school, in which one of her classmates said, “Please stop it, I’m really scared.” and Jisoo laughed.

She once fell down the stairs in YGE during the winter because it was dark and the steps were slippery. She told YG about it and he immediately made sure there were lights installed.

When she was in school at night, there were a lot of pictures on the walls of the hallway, so whenever she walked past them, she felt like the people in the pictures were watching her.

Jisoo’s older sister calls her ‘지숭이’ (‘Jisoongie’) and her older brother calls her ‘찌슈’ (‘Jjishu’).

K-BLINKs say that Jisoo always blows at every autograph she signs in order to make sure the ink won’t smudge.

When Jisoo does solo activities, she often wonder how different the situation would be if the other members were there with her.

Jisoo said she wants to be a dinosaur because even as a fossil, you will still be popular among people.

She once made a photo edit for TWICE’s Nayeon and Nayeon posted it on TWICE’s Instagram page:

Jisoo has changed the way she writes her signature a total of 3 times throughout her trainee and idol life.

(When she was still a trainee.)

(When she first debuted as an idol.)

(Her current signature.)

Jisoo was going to dye her hair orange for ‘AIIYL’, but when she saw that Lisa had already dyed her own hair orange, Jisoo decided to go with purple as it’s her favorite color.

In EP. 8 of BLACKPINK House’ during Jisoo’s segment, the dog named Adam was the same dog that partnered with BTS’ Jin in EP. 23 of ‘Run BTS’.


Many people know that Lisa is in a group chat with other Thai K-Pop idols. However, she once revealed that she is the only one that talks to and is close with all of the Thai idols because the others are very shy.

Lisa and CLC’s Sorn used to attend the same singing academy. She then introduced Sorn to GOT7’s BamBam and then to NCT’s Ten.

She experienced sleep paralysis once where she heard someone knocking on her wardrobe and then she felt something or someone coming close to her ear and laughing.

Lisa was asked if she was given a chance to be a boy for a day, what would she do, and she responded that she’d date all the girls in the world. (What a player ????)

She wanted to be a flight attendant when she was a kid.

She was teased for her surname ‘Manoban’ when she was younger because her last name meant ‘very big/wide’.

Because Lisa was an only child, she would talk to her cat a lot when she was younger.

During the time when Lisa was a mentor on ‘Youth With You’, a Chinese Entertainment agency mistook her as a contestant and wanted to sign her up because she was pretty and talented before later finding out that she was actually a mentor.

Her eyesight has gotten so bad to the point where she can’t even read subtitles on the TV without her glasses.


Rosé‘s mom once called her and Lisa picked up the call. Her mother talked to Lisa for a minute, thinking it was Rosé on the phone the entire time LOL.

It is a known fact that Rosé was born in New Zealand and then moved to Australia, but did you know that she lived in New Zealand until she was 7 years-old before moving to Australia? (She also visited Korea a few times as a child.)

Rosé attended Canterbury Girls High School and she chose to learn legal studies (law).

When the BLACKPINK mini keychain lightstick was released, each member received one. However, Rosé’s mother took hers because she liked it so much LOL.

Rosé is ambidextrous (she is left-handed and right-handed).

She has a habit of biting her finger nails when nobody is looking at her.

Rosé’s pre-debut fans used to think her name was ‘Rachel’ and always addressed her as the ‘YG red hair trainee’ because her hair was red back then.


When they were trainees, they went to Japan to study dance, rap, singing, and Japanese.

These are the contact names of the members on YG’s phone:

Jennie is ‘J’, Jisoo is ‘치치’ or ‘Chi Chi’, Lisa is ‘블핑 리사. 새번호’ or ‘BLACKPINK Lisa. New number’, Rosé is ‘블핑 채영’ or ‘BLACKPINK Chaeyoung’.

(In case y’all are wondering what YG said, he said, “Anyway, fighting!!! This song is coming out. It took one full year ;;”)

Well, I hope you learned something interesting about the members through this post ???? If not, then that would be a shame because that was the whole point of the post LOL.

Here’s a picture of Rosé’s butt for good luck ☺️

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