We have compiled a list of female celebrities who will turn 30 in three months… becoming a hot topic

Born in 1994, who will turn 30 next year...

Next year, female celebrities whose age numbers change from ‘2’ to ‘3’ are becoming a hot topic.

Based on an article posted on the online community Fomos on the 3rd under the title of ‘Female celebrities who will turn 30 in 3 months,’ we collected female celebrities born in the year of the dog who will turn 30 in 2023.

First, many active idol girl group members are about to turn 30 next year. ▲For example, Labum Soyeon, Jinye ▲Lovelyz Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo ▲Red Velvet Seulgi, Wendy ▲Oh My Girl Hyojeong ▲Cosmic Girls Seolah, etc., were born in 1994.

LABOUM Soyeon / Soyeon’s Instagram
LABOUM Jinye / Jinye’s Instagram
Lovelyz Seo Jisoo / Seo Jisoo’s Instagram
Lovelyz Lee Mi Joo / Lee Mi Joo’s Instagram
Red Velvet Seulgi / Seulgi’s Instagram
Red Velvet Wendy / Wendy’s Instagram
Oh My Girl Hyojung / Hyojeong’s Instagram
Cosmic Girls Seol-ah / Seol-ah’s Instagram

KARA‘s youngest lines, Jiyoung Kang and Youngji Heo, who announced their comeback ahead of the 15th anniversary of their debut next month, will also turn 30 next year. Krystal, Gong Minji, Hyeri, and Suzy, the youngest members of f(x), 2NE1, Girl’s Day, and Miss A, respectively, were born in 1994, when they turn 30 next year.

Kara Jiyoung Kang / Jiyoung Kang’s Instagram
Kara Youngji Heo / Youngji Heo’s Instagram
f(x) Krystal / Krystal’s Instagram
Minzy Gong / Minji Gong’s Instagram
Hyeri / Hyeri’s Instagram
Suzy / Suzy’s Instagram

In addition, rapper Yeji from the girl group Fiesta and former Apink member Naeun Son are also considered representative celebrities born in 1994.

Yeji / Yeji’s Instagram
Naeun Son / Naeun Son’s Instagram

Among the actress, Ko Won-hee, Park Se-wan, Park Joo-hyun, Park Ji-hyeon, Seo Eun-soo, Shim Eun-kyung, Lee Seon-bin, Lee Yu-mi, Jeon Jong-seo, Jin Se-yeon, Chae Seo-jin, Han So-hee, etc. are about to turn 30.

Go Won-hee / Go Won-hee’s Instagram
Park Se-wan / Park Se-wan’s Instagram
Park Joo-hyun / Park Joo-hyun’s Instagram
Park Ji-hyun / Park Ji-hyun’s Instagram
Eunsoo Seo / Eunsoo Seo’s Instagram
Eunkyung Shim / Eunkyung Shim’s Instagram
Lee Sun-bin / Lee Sun-bin’s Instagram
Lee Yu-mi / Lee Yu-mi’s Instagram
Jongseo Jeon / Jongseo Jeon’s Instagram
Jin Se-yeon / Jin Se-yeon’s Instagram
Seojin Chae / Seojin Chae’s Instagram
Han So Hee / Han So Hee’s Instagram

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