Walk the streets at night in comfortable clothes… aespa Karina was taken in New York

aespa visited New York for a performance...

Group aespa member Karina revealed her daily life in New York.

Karina posted several photos on the group’s official Instagram on the 16th. In her published photo, Karina is walking through the streets of New York City, wearing her comfortable clothes and makeup.

aespa’s Instagram

In particular, Karina drew attention with her apparent features even at night. Also, Karina exuded her alluring vibe with her all-black style.

She also released a photo of her walking down the street wearing a hat and holding a drink.

On the other hand, aespa, to which Karina belongs, recently promoted with the title song ‘Girls‘ of their second mini-album. In addition, she visited New York to attend the ‘KAMP LA 2022‘ concert.

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