V-Jennie suffering from hacking… YG internal leaks caught on Jisoo’s Instagram?

Hacker's message posting presumed photos of V-Jennie...

Another possibility has been raised with one photo posted by Jisoo, while the pictures of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BTS‘s V, which are spreading one after another, are gathering attention due to the actions of hacking terrorists.

According to the contents organized by the online community on the 28th, at 9 am (Korean time) on the same day, the hacker suddenly posted a picture of Blackpink’s Jisoo on his SNS. He continued, “I know that many of you doubt me and wild rumors are everywhere.” “I have been told that Jisoo is somebody who knows the truth and is an honest and kind person.” “She is not involved in with Taehyung in any kind.” “However, she may help us to see the truth.”

“So please, Jisoo, if you get this message, please post this unseen picture as a sign that you know Jennie and Taehyung are hanging out and you (among others) can not speak about this. Thank you”

Afterwards, at 5 pm on the same day, several photos taken in Paris in the background to attend Fashion Week were posted on Jisoo’s Instagram. Among these photos, the photos presented by the hacker were included.

In response, online community users revealed suspicions such as “Did the internal YG employee who manages Jisoo’s Instagram photos leak it?” And “Is it a YG employee or an aide?” On the other hand, if the hacking is correct, it can be estimated that not only Jennie and V but also Jisoo suffered hacking damage, and the situation is getting worse.

The alleged hacker is currently working under a similar nickname on various social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, spreading unknown photos.

BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, and BTS’ agency, Big Hit Music, are currently not taking any position on dating rumors or a series of issues related to hacking.

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