V ♥ Jennie, private life video leaked again… “Seduced with a wink in sleeveless clothes”

Blackpink's Jennie, another leaked video... Was V at Jennie's house?...

A picture of V lying in Jennie’s house was posted while BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V were engulfed in dating rumors.

Recently, pictures of V lying in Jennie’s house were uploaded on various social media sites and online communities.

In the published photo, V was lying next to Jennie’s cat in the same pose. This sofa is known to be the same product as in Jennie’s home.

It wasn’t just this. An unpublished video of Jennie was also released. Jennie was winking while looking at the camera with a seductive expression on her face.

Netizens showed reactions such as “Where the hell is the leak?” “Now I’m bored,”  “Isn’t this a big deal?,” “What the hell is the agency doing?”

At present, the agencies on both sides have not made any statements.

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