“Ugly people are ugly… ” G-Dragon posted a meaningful message on social media

'Rumors about Jennie's breakup' G-Dragon posted recent photos on social media...

Group ‘BIGBANGG-Dragon gave an update.

On the 14th, G-Dragon posted several pictures on his Instagram and left a meaningful message.

G-Dragon’s Instagram

In the published photos, G-Dragon is engrossed in exercising while going out late at night in the published photos.

In particular, G-Dragon took a picture of the background of his studio and posted the lyrics, “The world is a slogan, deceived by a gist, ugliness lives as ugliness.”

Previously, G-Dragon was embroiled in dating rumors with Jennie of the same agency, junior group ‘BLACKPINK,’ and was also embarrassed by rumors of a transfer breakup.

Jennie’s Instagram

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