Two distant juniors who gave Pepero Day directly to senior Taeyeon

2 people who confirmed that Taeyeon received a gift...

SNSD’s Taeyeon received Pepero Day presents from her juniors.

Taeyeon’s Instagram

On the 11th, Taeyeon showed off the bar snacks she received directly. In particular, she drew attention by receiving gifts from Aespa Karina and Winter, who also worked together for ‘God the Beat.’

The gift was authenticated by attaching an emoticon sticker with the faces of Winter and Karina on top of the sweets gift she received. Winter seems to have gifted Taeyeon with a set of sweets that look like homemade sweets and Karina with a bundle of candies and jellies to snack on.

In January, Taeyeon, Winter, and Karina became friends with SM Entertainment’s girl group unit, ‘GOT the beat.’

Based on their debut date, they are close seniors and juniors with a difference of 13 years, but how they constantly care for each other creates a sense of warmth.

SM Entertainment

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