TWICE’s Dahyun was criticized by fans around the world for skipping Blackpink commercials in a personal live broadcast

TWICE's Dahyun, who recently communicated with fans through personal broadcasting Blackpink's Lisa is criticized for skipping commercials for solo songs....

Recently, Dahyun held a personal live broadcast on the fan communication platform “Bubble.”

Dahyun’s Instagram

On that day, she skipped an advertisement that came from her phone during the broadcast and was attacked by malicious comments on social media by fans all over the world.

Dahyun’s Instagram

The main character of the advertisement she skipped was Lisa, a member of the band Blackpink.

During the broadcast, she played a YouTube video on her cell phone. However, when the commercial for Lisa’s solo song “LALISA” appeared before the video played and the song started playing, she played the rhythm to the song for a few seconds and skipped it before the commercial was over.

She said, “Um? What? Ah, YouTube ads. “Ads pop up because I’m not a premium user.”

However, there were no actions or remarks worthy of criticism from Blackpink fans. Rather, she got into the rhythm of the song as if he were excited. She just skipped the ad to tell his fans to wait.

Afterwards, Blackpink fans around the world who came across this fact visited Dahyun’s personal Instagram and left malicious comments, causing frowns.

Blackpink fans say “apologize to Lisa” and “you can never be Lisa. Lisa is the queen of K-pop”, “Rude”, “‘Larisa’ is better than Twice’s songs”, “Why? Are you using Lisa to become famous?” and filled the comment window with malicious comments along with emoticons that mean profanity.

In response, Twice fans left a lot of good comments on Dahyun’s Instagram, such as consolation and praise, to purify the comments (leaving good comments to hide the malicious comments posted earlier).

According to an article previously written by a netizen on the online community “Natepan,” TWICE‘s Chaeyoung was also known to have suffered a similar terrorist attack in 2018, drawing more outrage from netizens.

At that time, the people who left malicious comments on Chaeyoung were also Blackpink’s Lisa fans. They are known to have been posting malicious comments for nearly a month, saying that they copied Lisa about Chaeyoung dyeing her orange.

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