“TWICE Can’t Appear on Knowing Bros Because of You!” — Korean Netizens React to a Comedian’s Remarks Against Heechul

Korean Netizens React to a Comedian's Remarks Against Heechul...

During the recent episode of the show ‘Knowing Bros,” the cast members talked about past relationships. Comedian Lee Soo Geun, in particular, indirectly mentioned TWICE while joking to Heechul, “Because of you, that team won’t appear in our show anymore.” It is widely known that Heechul once dated TWICE member Momo but broke up after more than a year.

Cast member Lee Jinho added, “Do you think that’s the only team?” Alluding that there are other groups who can’t come because a member previously dated Heechul.

The remarks left by the comedians quickly became a hot topic in South Korea:

– This is why it’s hard for idols to go public with their relationship

– Digusting fool

– Why did they not edit this out

– I’m not a fan of TWICE, but I felt pissed too

– What an old-fashioned entertainment show

– Does he really have to be this vulgar?

– Someone please remind this guy that comedians need to be funny

– I feel bad for Heechul and Momo

– How insensitive

– Every day I wonder how Heechul can stomach this mess of a show

– This is something people talk about while drinking, not in a show where the public could see and hear

– Wow Heechul . . .

– TWICE’s reaction showed that it wasn’t a good breakup, so why are you like that on TV?

– I hate Lee Soo-geun’s scenes so much

– Heechul should’ve done better

– The production team is messed up to let this air

– Don’t they have any consideration for Momo?

– This is why idols can’t date publicly

– Disgusting bros


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