Top star Lee Na young had been quiet for some time announces her “return” on the 15th

Actress Na-Young Lee is making a comeback on television....

Actress Lee Na-young is making a comeback on television.

This is good news after 3 years since the previous work, “Romance Is a Bonus Book.”

The comeback work is Wavve’s original drama “Park Ha Kyung Travel Diary” (working title). The main character, Park Ha Kyung, will be cast by Lee Na-young, and preparations for filming will begin in earnest.

Park Ha Kyung’s Travel” is a drama that depicts the journey of Korean language teacher Park Ha Kyung, who goes on a one-day trip on Saturday, walks, eats, meets people, and finds comfort and empathy—the moment that everyone wants to disappear. The eight-part film will be directed by Lee Jong Pil of “Samjin Company English Class.

Park Ha-kyung’s journey in the play conveys the comfort of empathy and healing in a landscape different from everyday life. Each episode offers a variety of fun genres such as drama, melodrama, human, comedy, and fantasy.

Director Lee Jong-pil‘s “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel” will be cranked in October.

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