“This singer,” which is really hot these days, has become a wave model after IU

Who is the new wave model that inherited singer IU?...

Singer Bibi was selected as the online video service (OTT) wave brand model.

Singer Bibi/Wave provided

Online video service Wave (Wavve) starts a new campaign with BiBi, the icon representing MZ, as a brand advertising model.

Wave underwent a brand renewal last month. The new slogan was set to “Just Dive,” and a new BI was released.

Wave’s campaign this time was designed to inform the identity of the new brand and to broaden the contact point with various targets. In order to strengthen communication with the younger generation, it plans to maximize the effect of the campaign together with the new brand model, BIBI, following IU.

Singer IU, OTT Wave’s gift of a large bouquet of certificates IU’s Instagram

Bibi is a singer-songwriter who is active in various fields such as music, entertainment, advertisement, and film both domestically and internationally and is attracting attention, especially from the MZ generation, for her unique character and candid charm.

Singer BIBI’s Instagram

Wave is scheduled to release a CF series featuring Bibi as an advertising model on the 30th. This CF series will be produced in various versions and released through various online and offline media such as TV, outdoor, and digital advertising.

Han Jeong-eun, head of Wave’s marketing group, said, “We decided that BIBI’s unconventional freedom and hip image fit the brand direction, so we chose it as a model.” “I look forward to meeting Wave and being able to experience it.”

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