There is a singer who ranked first in the brand reputation rankings for female trot singers in September

Trot singer brand reputation ranking announced...

This is singer Jang Yoon-jeong.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the September Trot Singer Brand Reputation Rankings on the 28th. The ranking is the result of analyzing big data from the 25th of last month to the 25th of this month.

In September, the first and second places in the trot singer brand reputation were occupied by Lim Young-woong and Lee Chan-won. Following them, Jang Yoon-jeong ranked third, recording the highest ranking among female trot singers.

In the brand reputation ranking, “Trot Female Singers” followed Jang Yoon-jeong, followed by Hong Ji-yoon, Song Ga-in, Yang Ji-eun, Hong Jin-young, and Jeon Yu-jin.

The following are the September trot singer brand reputation rankings announced by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute.

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