There is a “Japanese female singer” who has been fighting with IU for 10 years

The disease that IU confessed to be suffering from...

As IU recently revealed that she has a problem with her ear, a Japanese female singer suffering from the same disease is also attracting attention.

On the 18th, IU’s solo concert “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” was held at the Olympic Main Stadium in Jamsil Sports Complex, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

On this day, IU surprised those who confessed, “Actually, I have some problems with my ears.”

She said, “So I prepared this concert with a nervous mind.” “It’s not that I have a hearing problem, but I have been unable to control my ears well for a year or so.”

IU took care of the fans by saying, “From last night to today’s rehearsal, I spent like hell. As I always say, “Today’s performance was all done by you.”

Like IU, there are singers overseas who suffer from open ear canals. It is the Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, who is known as the original singer of the remake of “Yuki no Hana” by Park Hyo-shin and the remake of “Find the Way” by the Sea.

Mika Nakashima was diagnosed with open ear tuberculosis in 2010 and had to stop her singing career. She was told that he had a more severe level of open ear canal than her IU and that it was difficult to cure because he showed the same symptoms in both ears.

However, Mika Nakashima is not frustrated by this, and she continues her music career.

Meanwhile, Mika Nakashima said she was watching her progress in 2021, when she appeared on a Japanese TV program on Nippon TV, saying that she has now fully recovered from her esophagus.

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