The video of a popular actress “indoor smoking + cigarette ash” went viral quickly… Controversy escalates

Actress caught smoking in 2008; He later declared smoking cessation, but was discovered again....

A video of Chinese top actress Angelababy smoking indoors is causing controversy

On the 15th, a video of Angelababy smoking indoors was uploaded on Weibo, a Chinese social network service.

In her video, Angelababy is sitting on a sofa at a gathering with her acquaintances, holding her cigarette in her right hand. She smoked a cigarette, exhaled her smoke, and even brushed ashes in an ashtray.

The video quickly spread throughout China through various social media and online communities. Chinese netizens were curious about how the video was filmed while also raising their voices of criticism towards Angelababy, who smoked indoors for her. In China, smoking in indoor public places has been banned since 2014.

It was later revealed that the video was secretly filmed and leaked by an employee of the board game cafe Angelababy visited at the time. In an apology, the board game cafe side promised to strengthen management to prevent recurrence, saying, “The video was filmed by an employee who has already left the company.”

Previously, Angelababy was caught smoking in 2008. Since then, she has publicly declared that she is quitting smoking. But she was caught in controversy in 2019 when it was revealed that she was smoking her cigarette inside a restaurant in Shanghai.

Angelababy and actress Huang Xiaoming got a lot of attention in 2015 when they held a luxurious wedding. According to SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment,” which was broadcast at the time, the two showed off their enormous wealth by spending 36 billion won for their wedding and 23.5 billion won for their newlyweds. They gave birth to a son in 2017, after two years of marriage, but divorced last January.

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