The results of a public opinion poll commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense regarding BTS’ special military service were released

BTS and other k-pop culture artists who contributed to the promotion of national prestige...

Realmeter was commissioned by the National Assembly National Defense Committee for two days from the 14th to the 15th, targeting 1,018 adult men and women over the age of 18 across the country. did a survey.

“Agree” was 60.9% and “disagree” was 34.3%.

Of the respondents who oppose the conversion to alternative service, 58.7% of the respondents were in favor, and 37.7% were against the plan to enlist in the military but to perform for the public interest.

The current Military Service Act requires that art and sports talents who have contributed to the promotion of culture and national prestige by placing second in international art contests and first in domestic art contests, instead of serving in the military, serve as art and sports personnel for 34 months.

Currently, the National Defense Commission has three pending amendments to the Military Service Act, which include the inclusion of k-pop culture artists such as BTS in the target of transfer to art and sports personnel.

Earlier, Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop announced at the National Assembly Defense Committee on the 31st of last month, “We will conduct an opinion poll to resolve the controversy over BTS’ military service.”

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