The performer of the much-talked-about ‘Transit Love 2’ turned out to be a dancer who only admired (video)

The cast of 'Transfer Love 2' showed off her unexpected charms...

‘Transfer Love 2’ Jisoo showed off her unexpected charm.

On the 19th, Jisoo posted a video on her Instagram with the caption, “Haippoi Chinjin Last Tea”.

In the released video, Jisoo covered NewJeans’ ‘Hype boy’. Even if she is a real dancer, her dancing skills are amazing. In particular, her refreshing smile drew attention.

Jisoo, a former announcer, recently made her face known by appearing in TVing’s original ‘Transfer Love 2’. Currently, she works as an English instructor.

‘Transit Love 2’ performer Jisoo / Jisoo’s personal Instagram

Meanwhile, ‘Transit Love 2‘, which ended on the 28th of last month, is a love reality program in which couples who have been separated for various reasons gather in one house to look back on their past romances, face new relationships, and find their own love.

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