The new situation of Jung Chae Yeon, who surprised everyone with the news of her injury, was reported

Jung Chae-yeon injured while filming the drama...

YTN Star reported on the 19th that Jung Chae Yeon was discharged from the hospital after surgery.

According to the report, Jung Chae-yeon was discharged from the hospital, but she is working hard on rehabilitation because she needs additional treatment.

It is known that he will not be able to attend the production presentation of MBC’s new drama “The Golden Spoon” scheduled for the 23rd.

It was also reported that DIA’s last music show appearance as well as filming for “The Golden Spoon” were canceled.

DIA celebrated the 7th anniversary of their debut, but recently all the members decided to go their separate ways as their exclusive contracts with their agencies expired.

Earlier, on the 10th, while filming “The Golden Spoon,” Jung Chae-yeon fell down the stairs and was injured. At that time, he was diagnosed with a clavicle fracture and had symptoms of a concussion, and he received emergency treatment.

Meanwhile, Jung Chae-yeon recently signed an exclusive contract with BH Entertainment and heralded a new step as an actress.

She has steadily built up her filmography since her last DIA debut in 2015, while also working as an actress.

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