The identity of the girl group who left the group ‘Staycation’ to celebrate the 13th anniversary of their debut (7 photos)

Cho Hyun-young on a 13th anniversary trip with Rainbow members...

Cho Hyun-young, a former member of the group Rainbow, enjoyed a vacation with the members.

We had a leisurely time celebrating the 13th anniversary of our debut.

Hyunyoung’s Instagram

On the 14th, Cho Hyun-young reported on her Instagram the current situation of her trip to Jeju Island with the members to mark the 13th anniversary of Rainbow’s debut.

She said, “We traveled to Jeju Island together for the 13th anniversary of our Rainbow debut after a long time.” Didn’t even step out… ” and posted a group photo.

In the released photo, the members gathered and held a cake to celebrate the 13th anniversary of their debut. The still-strong friendship between the members created a sense of warmth. Oh Seung-ah, who unfortunately couldn’t be together, expressed her affection, saying, “I’m dying of envy. You know only the heart is together, right?”

In another post, the image of enjoying a leisurely staycation was included. Cho Hyun-young said, “I played without a break. The swimming pool is so nice, and the food is great… ” and posted several photos.

In the photo, Hyunyoung enjoyed her time with the members in a hotel pool while wearing a bikini. She showed off her bikini body that barely covered her chest. She even took a group selfie.

Rainbow officially disbanded after the release of ‘Prism’ in 2016. However, they have been showing off their loyalty by releasing an album to commemorate the 10th anniversary.

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