The glamor figure that has been hidden for so long… An ‘actress’ who boasted to the fullest while traveling (+photo)

Eye-catching travel photos on social media...

There is an actress who showed off her hidden glamor figure while traveling.

Kang Min-ah’s Instagram

She is Kang Min-ah, a 14-year-old actress who was a child actress.

On the 17th and 18th, Kang Min-ah posted several recent photos on Instagram, announcing that she was traveling abroad. In the pictures of her on the beach or at the pool, she showed off her incredible figure in bikinis and monokinis (bikini and one-piece swimsuits, and swimsuits in between).

In the photos, Kang Min-ah boasted a glamorous body, which caught the attention. She drew her attention by showing her voluminous figure, thin limbs, and ant waist.

Kang Min-ah is traveling to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia’s representative resort.

Kang Min-ah, born in 1997, debuted in the 2009 movie ‘To the Sea’ and continues to be active by appearing in various works and advertisements. In addition, she appeared in the recently ended ENA drama ‘Gaus Electronics’ in the role of Geonkyeongmi and received much attention and love from her.

His major appearances include SBS ‘Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love’, JTBC ‘Schoolgirl Detectives’, tvN ‘modulove’, ‘True Beauty’, JTBC ‘Beyond Evil’, KBS2 ‘At a Distance, Spring Is Green’, Movie ‘Park Hwa-young’, web drama ‘A-Teen 2’, etc.

The following are SNS daily photos of Kang Min-ah, whose distinguishing features are her main feature and attractive point.

Kang Min-ah and Hyeri

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