The first phone in my life was an iPhone 11, and the coronavirus exploded when I was in elementary school

Born in 2008, 15 years old, NewJeans Hyein...

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It was revealed that the first phone used by Hyein (Lee Hyein), the youngest member of the five-member girl group NewJeans, was the iPhone 11.

At a recently held fan signing, Hyein shocked fans by revealing that “the first mobile phone in her life is the iPhone 11”. The iPhone 11 was released in September 2019.

Hyein, 14 years old, was born on April 21, 2008. Just the year after the launch of her world’s first smartphone, the first-generation iPhone (June 2007).

In particular, she was an elementary school student when pneumonia of an unknown cause (novel coronavirus infection) was first reported in December 2019. Because she was a trainee and broadcasting activities simultaneously, and the Corona 19 situation was added, the elementary school diploma was replaced with a certificate of passing the GED.

A former child model, he has been active as a member of the 1st generation of Kidsdol Youth Girl since 2017 and radiates her talent. At that time, she was under the stage name ‘Yoojung.’ Until May last year, she appeared on the kid’s YouTube channel ‘Pocket TV’ and the EBS children’s program ‘Bonnie Hani.’

Hyein when she was a child model
Hyein when she was a child model

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