The current situation has changed drastically… “This person” boasts copper-colored skin is Korea’s representative innocent actress

Han Hyo-joo reveals photos taken in Thailand...

The representative actress Han Hyo-joo attracted attention by boasting a solid muscular body and copper-colored skin.

On the 14th, Han Hyo-joo posted pictures taken while filming the movie and the words “in Thailand” on her Instagram. She revealed how she enjoyed various food and scenery with his acquaintances in Thailand.

What caught our attention in the photo was her solid muscular body. She wore a tight bra top and bike leggings to show off her athletic body. In particular, the tanned skin became a different charm that reversed the innocent image of Han Hyo-joo.

Han Hyo-joo is starring in the movie “Believer 2.” The photo appears to have been taken while staying in Thailand, where she visited to film the movie “Believer 2.” Previously, Hyo-joo Han appeared on the MBC entertainment show “The Manager,” which was broadcast on the 3rd of last month, and revealed how Chi-seung Yang was training her.

In the broadcast, Han Hyo-joo revealed that she had formed an exercise mate with actress Jin Seo-yeon and Choi Soo-young while appearing in Believer 2.” On this day, Han Hyo-joo surprised everyone by lifting a massive kettlebell with ease.

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