“Taeyeon and Rosé both won… ” Female idol who overwhelmingly ranked first in album sales in 2022

Female solo album sales rankings 2022...

TWICE‘s Nayeon‘s solo album ‘IM NAYEON‘ ranked No. 1 in female-isolated album sales in 2022.

According to the Circle Chart, according to the sales of female solo albums from January 1 to September 30, 2022, the LP version of Lisa‘s 1st single ‘LALISA‘ was ranked 16th, Yuju’s 1st mini album ‘REC. It was occupied by Yerin’s 1st mini-album, ‘ARIA.’

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Taeyeon’s 3rd regular album ‘INVU’ tape version, was ranked 13th; Solar’s 1st mini album ‘容: FACE’ in 12th, Kwon Eunbi’s 2nd mini album ‘Color’ in 11th; and Rosé’s 1st single album ‘R’ in 10th, respectively.

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Wheein’s 2nd mini album ‘WHEE’ is in 9th place, Moonbyul’s 3rd mini album ‘6equence’ is in 8th place, Jo Yuri ‘Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Major’ is in 7th place, and Moonbyul single ‘C.I.T.T’ is in 6th place occupied.

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Finally, 5th place is Miyeon‘s 1st mini album ‘MY,’ 4th and 3rd place is Choi Yena‘s 1st mini album ‘SMiLEY,’ 2nd mini album ‘SMARTPHONE,’ 2nd place is Taeyeon INVU‘, 1st place is Nayeon IM NAYEON‘.

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