“Sweet skinship…” Yuna Kim, who is getting married today (the 22nd) ♥︎ Ko Woo-rim, released a beautiful wedding pictorial

Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim revealed their wedding pictorial...

The wedding pictorial of Yuna Kim and Ko Woo-rim was released.

Bit Interactive

On the 22nd, Go Woo-rim’s agency, Beat Interactive, released a wedding pictorial with the statement, “Our artist Forestella Ko Woo-rim is having a wedding with Yuna Kim in some place in Seoul on this day.”

He continued, “The wedding will be held privately with only close relatives and acquaintances of both families.”

Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim will get married on the 22nd at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul. The two met during the 2018 All That Skate Ice Show celebration stage and married after three years of dating.

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