Suzy delivers “this news” that fans will welcome for the first time in 7 months

Coming back as singer Suzy, not actress Suzy...

Singer Suzy will release her self-composed digital single “Cape” on the 6th.

Suzy, who is trying a new music style through the release of the digital single “Satellite,” released in February of this year, and creating her own music as a singer-songwriter, will return to “Cape,” which she participated in writing and composing herself for the first time in about 7 months.

“Cape” is Suzy’s self-composed song, with a dreamy and lyrical melody with a folk-like tendency. It is an arrangement that focuses on band sound and electric guitar, but it is a song with an acoustic feel, and it is expected that it will have a different charm from Suzy’s sound sources that have been released so far.

Suzy also released an album cover image along with the news of the release of her new single, “Cape.”

In a photo Suzy took during her trip, she drew a picture of herself as if listening to “Cape” calmly in her moment of thought. While speculating on the mood of this song, it raised her expectations for her new digital single.

This new album is the second work with producer Kang Hyun-min, who worked together on ‘Satellite’.

Suzy’s new single “Cape” will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on the 6th.

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