Sunye shared about her daughter’s congenital ptosis, and the reason why Dr. Oh Eun-young requested surgery right away

Sunye shared about her daughter’s congenital ptosis, and the reason why Dr. Oh Eun-young requested surgery right away....

Sunye confessed her worries about her daughter.

Channel A entertainment program, “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center,” which aired on September 2nd, featured singer Sun-ye from Wonder Girls, who brought up the story of her daughter to Dr. Oh Eun-young.

Sun-ye, who has three daughters, said, “My eldest daughter, Eun-yoo, was born with an eyelid ptosis,” adding, “Her ability to develop learning is two to three years later than children her age and her language development is delayed as well. “I can’t find the reason why,” she confessed. “Eun-yoo is 10 years old now, and I’m worried as a mother. I hope my daughter grows up well without asking herself, “Why am I different from everyone?” and being hurt by her self-esteem,” she added.

Dr. Oh Eun-Young asked in detail about the eyelid ptosis case of Eun-Yoo. Sun-Ye said,

“She didn’t open her eyes until three days after birth. Three days later, she opened only one side of her eyes, and ten days later, she opened the other side. “I didn’t think it was a big deal because I didn’t know much about anything as she is my first child, but she was diagnosed with eyelid ptosis after an infant test conducted when she was six months old,” she explained.

Sun-ye said, “My daughter can’t freely express what she wants and only speaks simple sentences. “The bigger problem than that is that when any situation happens, she can’t answer what she knows and becomes temporarily stunned,” 

he said. “When words don’t come out in order as much as she wants, my daughter herself is also frustrated.”

After hearing about this, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “If she is already more than nine years old, then it really is quite late,” 

adding, “You should think about why her language development is late. Usually, a child’s language ability explodes at the age of two to three. Did she have a lot of language stimulation when she was younger?”

Sunye then revealed that Eun-yoo had traveled and lived between Korea, Canada, and Haiti at an age when she was supposed to be heavily influenced by language. “I stayed in Haiti for two to three years with my child. We moved and lived in three different countries at the time. I think she had heard various languages. Her language abilities opened up very late. We moved a lot during the period of her language development. So that’s what my husband and I think the reason is.” 

Dr. Oh Eun-young also expressed her concern that Eun-yoo’s eyelid ptosis might have a significant impact on her relationship with her friends. “Eyelid ptosis might affect her greatly,” she explained. “When she makes eye contact with someone else, she might lose her confidence and shrink into herself (due to ptosis). This also affects the next step, which is language communication,” she explained.

“She is 10 years old now, have you ever visited a pediatric ophthalmologist?” Dr. Oh asked. In response, Sun-ye said, “They said she could have the operation done at the age of 10, but fortunately, her eyesight was similar on both sides when she was recently tested. “(The doctor in charge) asked us to continue watching the ptosis surgery a little more.”

Then, Dr. Oh Eun-young stressed that it is better to operate as soon as possible. “Ophthalmologists prioritize vision-related matters. That’s true, but Eun-yoo is at an age when the self-image of her body is forming. “It is not a matter of being pretty and beautiful, but how comfortable and proud she feels about her body.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “I think we should talk about this a little more strongly,” adding, “We shouldn’t think of eyelid ptosis surgery as only for beauty purposes. “Wouldn’t it be harsh on the young child, and put a heavy burden on her shoulders?” she suggested. With such realistic advice, Sun-ye said she would consider the surgery again.

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