“Stupid behavior”… Kim Jang-mi, who was furious about why she posted daily posts, bowed her head

“Emotional reaction, it’s embarrassing”… I bow my head with an apology...

‘Heart Signal 2’ cast member Kim Jang-mi apologized for her recent remarks related to the Itaewon disaster.

Kim Jang-mi’s Instagram

Kim Jang-mi posted on her Instagram on the 8th, “I didn’t understand it at first, but while reading the comments and messages, I thought a lot.”

On this day, she said, “It was a very upsetting and difficult period for me.”

She then bowed his head, saying, “I am ashamed of reacting so emotionally.”

Earlier, Kim Jang-mi was furious at seeing people sharing their daily life on social media after the recent disaster in Itaewon.

She said on social media at the time, “I understand that we have to get out of the tragedy that happened over the weekend, but it’s so annoying to see them share their daily lives so quickly.”

However, regarding this remark, netizens sparked controversy with opinions about why it is a problem to post personal daily life and the idea that it is time to take care of yourself.

Channel A ‘Heart Signal Season 2’

Meanwhile, Kim Jang-mi attracted attention by appearing on Channel A’s entertainment show ‘Heart Signal 2’ in 2018. She was famous for his splendid beauty and her bubbly charm.

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