“Storm skinship in the backseat of the car… “Transit Love 2′ Hyungyu-Haeun’s editing scene, the reaction was uproar

The scene edited by Hae-eun Seong and Hyun-gyu Jung in episode 19...

A scene in the final episode of Teabing’s ‘Transit Love 2‘ caught people’s attention.

The final episode of ‘Transit Love 2’ was released at 7 pm on the 28th. The final episode drew the scene where the actors Seong Hae-eun and Jung Hyun-gyu lead the last couple.

In drawing the final choice between the two people, a ‘skinship’ scene, which was not revealed in episode 19, appeared and surprised many.

In episode 19, uploaded on the 21st, Hyeon-gyu Jeong and Hae-eun Seong appeared on a date while eating seafood in front of the sea at night. The two sat side by side and looked at each other, giving off a pink atmosphere, but there were no skinship scenes.

Night sea date scene in episode 19 of ‘Transit Love 2
The Skinship scene revealed in the final episode of ‘Transit Love 2

However, in the last episode, released on the 28th, immediately after a night-sea seafood date, a moving vehicle’s backseat, leaning on each other’s shoulders and naturally clasping hands, caught attention.

The content was posted on Twitter and significant online communities and spread widely, and netizens poured out a hot reaction. Netizens commented, “Why are you giving Hyungyu and Haeun nice things now? Skinship explodes…”, “The fact that the two of them didn’t show their skinship on the phone was so revealing that they hid it ㅠㅠ,” “Hyunkyu and Haeun’s hands are as free as eating rice..”, “Looking at this, we were already dating…”, “Legend in the car,” “Dry gums,” “It’s crazy in the car…”, “I can’t do that if I don’t date,” “It’d be too much of a spoiler if I let him go. Ha ha ha ha”, “Oh my gosh, oh my, look at these people,” “I cut a lot, give me more.”

On the other hand, in the final episode of ‘Transit Love 2‘, the actors Kim Tae-iPark Na-eon, Seong Hae-eunJung Hyeon-gyu, and Na-yeonNam Hee-doo were the final couple.

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