Song Hye-kyo spotted with a handsome actor when attending an abroad event

Actress Song Hye-kyo met a Korean male actor at a fashion event...

Song Hye-kyo recently departed for New York. She wants to attend a fashion show.

Song Hye-kyo attended the Fendi Baguette 25th Anniversary Special Fashion Show Front Row on the 9th (local time) where she wore products from a luxury brand.

He wore a black dress, stockings with the brand logo on them, and matched black high heels. Song Hye-kyo’s gaze was slightly to the left, and actor Lee Min-ho was there.

Song Hye-kyo and Lee Min-ho were sitting next to each other.

The reason Lee Min-ho stood out here is that he also came to promote the same brand as Song Hye-kyo.

It was an accidental meeting, but the “two-shot” of the two was a painting in itself.

Source: wikitree

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