Son Yeon-jae’s current situation after marriage… Everyone was surprised by the rare, daring, revealing fashion

Son Yeon-jae transformed her image after marriage...

Former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae took off her elegant image and transformed into a more daring style.

Netizens are paying attention to the photos Son Yeon-jae released through social media (SNS).

On the 29th, Son Yeon-jae posted several photos of her wearing a white crop top and jeans on her Instagram.

She showed off various poses with her long black hair fluttering. Bold exposure, such as revealing the waist line, draws attention.

Son Yeon-jae’s transformation, who has maintained an innocent image, elicited strong reactions from netizens.

Through the comments, netizens admired: “Who are you?”; “I think you are a different person,” “Oh my,” “So pretty,” “Wow, great,” “Is this a Barbie doll?”; “She was originally pretty, but she’s gotten prettier.”

Born in 1994, Son Yeon-jae, a former national gymnast, has been running a Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy since retiring in 2017.

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