Son Ye Jin looks stunning and beautiful in pink in her most recent photograph for Luxury magazine

Son Ye Jin looks beautiful in pink in her latest pictorial with Luxury magazine...

Son Ye Jin’s pictorial photos published in the September issue of the magazine “Luxury” were released publicly on August 24. It was an autumn pictorial of Valentino, the luxury brand that Son Ye Jin is an ambassador.

In the bright pink 2022 F/W collection from Valentino, Son Ye Jin showcased her lovely and charismatic charms. Most of the images had loose-fitting clothing and only showing off her shoulder line.

In particular, she garnered attention as her pregnant belly slightly showed through the sleek one-piece dress.

In the meanwhile, Son Ye Jin wed actor Hyun Bin in March, and when she revealed her pregnancy in June, she was showered with attention and congratulations.

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