Singer IU’s ‘Killing Voice’ video broke the record once again

Dingo's 'Killing Voice' records 50 million views for the first time...

IU’s “Killing Voice” video, which was released through the YouTube Dingo Music channel in March last year, achieved 50 million views for the first time on the morning of the 22nd, about a year and a half after its release.

Immediately after its release, IU’s “Killing Voice” rose to the top of the YouTube video chart and received an explosive response, maintaining the top spot for a whopping 3 days.

In addition, after surpassing 10 million views in about 10 days after its release, it has surpassed 30 million views with an unstoppable upward trend and proved its strong global influence by becoming the ‘No. .

IU’s “Killing Voice,” which recorded 40 million views for the first time among all Dingo’s contents in March, has now surpassed 50 million views, including “Killing Voice” and “Killing Verses,” which are two of Dingo’s representative contents. It has the highest number of views of any video.

In the YouTube comment window of IU’s “Killing Voice,” more than 52,000 comments admiring IU’s national treasure-class tone such as “It’s a different sensibility,” “It’s a live that goes beyond the sound source,” and “It’s also a Korean legend” are pouring in. It made the reaction even more real.

“Killing Voice” is a set list selected by the artists, and you can enjoy the “Voice” that “kills” everyone live. Artists of various genres such as IU, Mamamoo, Sung Si-kyung, Taeyeon, Koyote, Hi Yi, Seventeen, and NCT 127 appear and are receiving enthusiastic support from music fans.

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