Singer IU’s easy-to-sing and difficult songs drew the attention of netizens

IU's personal song easy to sing; IU's selection of difficult songs to sing...

“I’m really embarrassed… IU’s personal easy-to-sing difficult song

On the 6th of last month, on the online community Theku, an article was posted, “IU’s personal vocal range is too high, so a difficult song and a song where the vocal range was comfortable.”

A song that said it was difficult because the vocal range was too high

Ice Flower Sing with Yuna Kim

a song made by Lee Min-soo, a high-voiced person, asking you to die.

You have to keep singing the chorus with a true voice, and the highest note is a 3-octave brush.

Originally, Yuna Kim – IU was going to sing two verses at a time, but the refrain was too high, so IU sang them all.

A song that said it was comfortable because the vocal range was right

Hold My Hand for the Best Love OST, IU’s first song composed and released

There was a song I wrote first, but this was the first song that was released as a self-composed song by IU.

She said that he has only sang high-pitched songs so far, so she wrote a song that was easy for him to sing. (What?)

According to the article, IU chose “Ice Flower,” which she sang with Yuna Kim, as the song that was difficult because of her high vocal range.

Conversely, she chose “Hold My Hand,” the first song she composed and released, as a song she sang comfortably because it was in her vocal range.

Netizens who saw the post commented, “I’ve only sang high-pitched songs so far, so I made a comfortable song like “Hold My Hand”; “When I heard IU singing, the bass and high notes were all solid; “Ice Flower” is really high.”

YouTube, 1theK Originals – Wonder K Originals

IU’s first song composed and released, “Hold My Hand,” topped the highest ranking on the Circle Weekly Digital Chart (Gaon Weekly Digital Chart), ranked #2 on the Weekly TOP10 chart for 3 weeks in a row, and also ranked #49 on the Circle Digital Chart (Gaon Digital Chart) in 2011.

It topped the Melon weekly chart and performed the song at the “LOVE, POEM” Seoul concert in November 2019, climbing to second place on the Melon real-time chart. 

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