Singer BIBI’s new song “Animal Farm” music video was criticized by some netizens

“Report the music video…” BIBI, who is doing so well, suddenly stumbles upon this controversy...

The music video of singer BIBI’s new song “Animal Farm” is being criticized by some netizens.

On September 30th, an article titled “Report BIBI’s music video” was posted on the online community Nate Pann. The netizen who wrote the article said, “Right from the beginning, her posture is suggesting, the whole video is covered with blood, and she puts no warning at all. It’s violent, but she didn’t put a 19-and-above age limit. I think BIBI’s homage to ‘Kill Bill’ is good, but the video itself is a little too much for students to see,” they claimed.

Other netizens who saw this article refuted it, saying, “Why are you asking us to report other people’s creations?” and “Because of this person, we are becoming a censored country.”

On the other hand, there were also comments in favor with OP, saying, “Don’t ignore the issue just because it’s an art creation, it’s inappropriate for children to see,” and “Honestly, after watching the MV, I thought she should have tagged it as 19-and-older.”

Meanwhile, on Sep 27th, BIBI released a music video for the free single “Animal Farm,” a pre-released for her first full-length album “Lowlife Princess: Noir.”

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