Singer and actress Suzy made the fans flutter by revealing her ordinary daily life

Top actress who didn't reveal her private life, took off her daily selca ...

Top actress who didn’t reveal her private life, took off her daily selca (Photo)

On the 11th, Suzy posted several photos along with the words “Leak off the album” on her Instagram.

The published photos show Suzy’s daily life. Suzy is showing off her transparent skin and looking at the camera.

Netizens who saw this commented on Instagram, saying, “Give me more pictures… more… more…”, “Bae Suzy is so pretty,”  “Is it a human face…?”, “Your sister’s picture is good. You’re here!”; “You’re really crazy. You’re so pretty,” “I love Bae Suzy,” “Suzy’s usual appearance is Susie itself. She’s innocent,” “pretty, cute, cute, and lovely,” etc.

Suzy is currently working on the Netflix series “The Girl Downstairs” Filming is in full swing. “The Girl Downstairs” is the story of retired idol Lee Doo-na and Lee Won-jun, a freshman in college, living together in a shared house.

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