Sexy icon… Sunmi’s dizzying bikini proof shot, the reaction exploded (+photo)

Sunmi uploaded a storm of authentication shots taken in the Maldives on social media...

Singer Sunmi drew attention by certifying her superior body.

Sunmi’s Instagram

On the 20th, Sunmi posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “It was cloudy, then it was clear, then it rained.”

In the published photos, Sunmi is enjoying her leisurely daily life in the Maldives.

Sunmi’s Instagram

On this day, she caught the attention by showing off her voluminous body in a bikini top.

In particular, with a unique dreamy expression, she added sexy charm and caught the eye. Here, Sunmi showed off her square shoulders, deep collarbones, and slender arms.

In addition, she drew attention by creating an atmosphere full of juice, such as riding a bicycle in a swimsuit or sitting on the beach and taking proof shots.

SNS users who saw the photo responded with “She’s riding a bike so cute,” “Look at how innocent Sunmi is,” “She’s so pretty, sexy and lovely,” “Sister is really like a girl,” “Wow she’s innocent and crazy.”

After debuting as a member of the group Wonder Girls in 2007, Sunmi released numerous hit songs and received great love. After being reborn as a solo singer, she returned with ‘Heart Burn’ in June and presented a new concept.

Sunmi is currently taking a break after successfully wrapping up her second world tour.

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