Seohyun, the youngest member of ‘Girls’ Generation,’ has the juiciest taste… The more you look, the prettier you become

"Pretending to be Jeju…" on her Instagram...

Singer-actress Seohyun revealed her current status full of juicy beauty.

Seohyun’s Instagram

On the 28th, Seohyun posted several photos and the sentence “Pretending to be Jeju🍊…” on her Instagram.

In the photo, Seohyun is posing in front of a small Dolhareubang. Seohyun, who wore a knitted hat and a casual yet innocent look, caught the eye by boasting doll-like features and juiciness. However, she stands out with the lovely visual of the wink goddess who sings ‘heart-pounding.’

Meanwhile, Seohyun recently met her fans through Girls’ Generation‘s full album ‘FOREVER 1‘ and the drama KBS 2TV’s ‘Jinxed at First.’

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