Sandara Park abruptly reveals her ex-boyfriend’s real name during the broadcast… She was so proud

“My ex-boyfriend loved it”...

Singer Sandara Park surprised everyone by revealing the actual name of her ex-boyfriend during the broadcast.

Sandara Park recently had a seafood tasting event through the video “Secret menu of soobingsoo that caught the small eaters taste(feat. Seulgi),” which was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Hung Garlic Studio,” where she appeared with Park So-hyun.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and YouTuber Soo Bingsu appeared as guests in the video. Subbingsu prepared bengedome sashimi and soy sauce crab for today’s menu.

Seulgi, who tasted the sashimi, admired the taste, saying, “The texture is unique. It is like chewing meat.”

Sandara Park, who saw this from the side, picked up a thin piece of sashimi and said, “I’ve never intended to eat sashimi, but a friend I met before loves sashimi so much.”

Park So-hyun, embarrassed by Sandara Park’s sudden remarks, stammered, “It was a man, a boyfriend.”

Sandara Park looked at the camera and said, “Oh, how are you?” and revealed the actual name of her ex-boyfriend, and the surprising cast shouted. But, unfortunately, the ex-boyfriend’s real name was treated as “beep.”

Sandara Park said, “I said it because Sohyun doesn’t believe that I had a boyfriend,” explaining the unexpected revelation and drawing laughter.

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