Same hacker? Baekhyun, who is serving in the military, deleted all Instagram posts today

On the 21st, all posts were suddenly deleted on Baekhyun's Instagram....

Group “EXO” member Baekhyun‘s Instagram posts were all erased, and he was caught up in hacking allegations. Fortunately, however, it was reported that this was not a serious incident, and it belatedly relieved the fans.

On the 21st, all of Baekhyun’s Instagram posts disappeared. Fans suspected hacking, claiming that Baekhyun was not the type to delete all posts at once.

Fans who heard this news were angry at the hacker through SNS such as Twitter and expressed their regret that all records of Baekhyun’s regular communication with fans were erased.

According to the fans, traces of Baekhyun’s activities when he clicked “Like” on the concert post were left on IU’s Instagram. Since then, it has been reported that all posts on his account have been deleted.

Some even mentioned that actor Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram was hacked in August and speculated that he might have been attacked by the same hacker.

Since then, Baekhyun has expressed his position as fans’ concerns have continued to pour in.

According to Sports Khan on the 21st, SM Entertainment said that this was not a hack. According to reports, Baekhyun deleted all posts of his own volition.

The agency dismissed the controversy, saying, “Baekhyun himself deleted the post to reorganize the feed after the cancellation.”

Meanwhile, Baekhyun enlisted in May last year and is currently serving as a social worker. It will be canceled on February 5, 2023.

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