Red Velvet’s Joy and aespa’s Karina seen often wearing the same outfits but giving off different vibes

Joy and Karina were seen wearing the same clothing lately...

There are times celebrities are seen wearing the same outfits or clothing from certain brands. Of course, these celebrities don’t give off the same vibe but often match different accessories to fit the clothes to be styled in their own unique way.

Red Velvet‘s Joy and aespa‘s Karina were seen wearing the same clothing lately, more often than others, but giving off different vibes.

One netizen shared the photos of the two idols and explained, “I thought Joy’s outfit for Red Velvet’s teaser looked familiar and saw that Karina and Joy wore the same outfits three times. lol.”

Naturally, the two idols were compared since they were seen wearing the same outfits but were both praised for having their own vibes. Netizens commented, “Karina is Daebak,” “Both Joy and Karina are pretty with different vibes,” “How can they both be so pretty with a different vibe,” “Both of them are so gorgeous,” “Joy looks so pretty when she’s on her way to work,” “Both of them are so lovely,” “I really like the one-piece dress in the first photos,” and “The clothes in the last photos look so nice on both.”

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