“Pretty and delicious dishes,” Son Ye-jin describes the delicious food she recently ate while pregnant

Son Ye-jin showed fans the dishes she recently made....

On September 4, actress Son Ye-jin uploaded several photos to Instagram, along with the caption “Pretty and delicious dishes. Be careful with the typhoon, everyone.

The pictures released by Son Ye-Jin show delicious food on pretty plates. Son Ye-jin, who is pregnant, drew attention by revealing her recent status of enjoying delicious food that would be good for both herself and her baby.

The actress also expressed her worries about the damage caused by the strong typhoon that is currently moving toward the North of Korea.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-Jin married actor Hyun Bin in March. She is currently focusing on prenatal education during her first pregnancy. Her husband, actor Hyun Bin, will promote the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” which is scheduled to be released on September 7.

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