“Pregnant after 5 years,” Eric openly expressed his affection for Hye-mi Na

Eric mentions his wife Hye-mi Na while communicating with fans...

Shinhwa member and actor Eric Mun (Moon Jung-hyuk) revealed his wish as a prospective father.

Eric posted a picture on his Instagram on the 11th with the caption, “I can’t see the sun rising on Chuseok.” The released photo shows the sky colored with a mysterious light.

When a fan left a comment saying, “Congratulations on becoming a father, Oppa. You will be a really good father,” Eric replied, “I think I will too.”

Another fan said, “An older brother who is likely to become a father who is like a friend to a child. It seems that a naughty man who surpasses his older brother will be born.” To the words of another fan, “I hope that a cute baby will be born that resembles his mother, who is kind and smart, and resembles his father.”

Eric / Eric’s Instagram
Hyemi Na / Hyemi Na Instagram

He also left a comment to a fan who said, “I am new with two children. I hope you enjoy the spice of parenting and greater happiness than that.”

Hyemi Na, Eric wedding pictorial / Louvre 9, Soyou bridal
Hyemi Na, Eric wedding pictorial / Louvre 9, Soyou bridal

Eric and Hye-mi Na got married in July 2017 and became a couple. The two recently announced the news of their pregnancy after 5 years of marriage, receiving congratulations from many.

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