Popular idol members active in dramas, recently matured

Infinite radiance of femininity with 'alluring beauty'...

Group Cosmic Girls (WJSN)’ Bona transformed into a mature autumn goddess

Cosmic Girls’ Bona / Courtesy of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar

Fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar released a pictorial with Bona, Emporio Armani watch, and jewelry on the 24th.

The published pictorial drew attention as it contained Bona’s elegant figure and colorful charm, who transformed into an atmospheric autumn goddess.

cosmic girl’s bona

In the pictorial, Bona perfectly digested colorful watches and jewelry with her charm, dark makeup accentuating her distinctive features, and sophisticated styling that feels mature femininity.

cosmic girl’s bona
cosmic girl’s bona

Bona‘s captivating facial expressions harmonized to maximize the luxury of watches and jewelry further, completing the pictorial.

Bona took on the role of Ko Yu-rim, the national fencing representative, in the tvN drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One,’ which ended in April, and imprinted an unmistakable presence on the viewers as an actress with her stable acting skills and perfect character digestion.

Bona is scheduled to appear in MBC’s new drama ‘Joseon Lawyer,’ which is expected to air in 2023.

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