Pop singer who swept the Korean charts “You’re better than me, I want to work on a song,” and there are only ‘two’ girl group members

A British singer who became the first pop singer to top the Korean charts...

A British singer who ranked first on the Korean charts for the first time as a pop singer expressed her affection for a K-pop singer.

Anne-Marie’s Instagram

British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie revealed her fan spirit by referring to Suzy, a former member of Miss A, and Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation, in the web entertainment ‘Civilization Express‘ released on the 27th.

Previously, Anne-Marie retweeted a video of Suzy covering the song ‘2002’. When presenter Jaejae mentioned this, she praised Anne-Marie, saying that she “looked at Suzy’s cover video and thought it was so cool” and that she “looks like she sang better than me.”

Then, when Jaejae asked, “You followed Taeyeon on Instagram,” she said, “I heard Taeyeon’s song, and it was good. So I want to make a song together.”

Taeyeon’s Instagram
Suzy’s Instagram

Anne-Marie participated in composing TWICE‘s ‘SCIENTIST,’ which was released in 2021. She expressed her affection for K-pop singers, saying, “I was sitting in the living room because I was under lockdown due to Corona 19, and when I heard that TWICE asked for the song, I said I would know right away.”

British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie became the first pop singer to top the 2019 Korean annual chart with the song ‘2002‘ released in 2018.

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