“Pictures were taken abroad… ” Yoo Ah-in and IU and ‘pink dating rumors ♥’ exploded

Yoo Ah-in and IU, unexpected dating rumors... 1 picture was the beginning...

While photos of actor Yoo Ah-in and singer IU together on the street in Paris, France, are spreading, there are claims that the two are dating. However, this is not true.

Yoo Ah-in’s Instagram
IU’s Instagram

Recently, an article titled ‘IU and Yoo Ah-in’s dating rumors exploded’ was posted on various online communities.

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The dating rumors started when pictures of Yoo Ah-in and IU were uploaded on the street in Paris, France, on the 26th of last month. The two are known to have met by chance.

Since then, these photos have spread online, leading to a misunderstanding that they are pink dating rumors. They misunderstood that they were dating just by looking at the pictures without knowing the exact story behind them. One netizen even claimed, “Isn’t the two datings?”

Netizens who saw this commented, “Isn’t this the first time that Yoo Ah-in has been dating a female celebrity?”, “Isn’t it real?”, “Can we meet by chance?”, “In the first place, if you’re dating like that, you can’t say hello,” “Those who believe in this Is there?” etc.

At present, the agencies of both sides have not made any statements.

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