Photos of a couple presumed to be BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who were rumored to be dating, continue to be released

The private lives of popular idols V and Jennie continue to leak...

Recently, in various online communities, such as the online community Natepan, a video of V getting his hair trimmed by a staff member has spread online. It is estimated that the video was taken at the same location as the photo leaked online on the 23rd of last month. (Related article)

At the time, behind V, a woman presumed to be Jennie was filming with a cell phone camera. People who saw this guessed that Jennie was behind V in this video.

Netizens who saw the video speculated about the shape of V’s mouth and expressed their opinion, “Isn’t V saying to Jennie, “Okay, honey?”

Online community Nate board comment box capture

Netizens who saw the video on the online community Nate board showed reactions such as “I’m really tired,”  “Isn’t it in a relationship?” and “I should do that.”

Leaked photos of V and Jennie / Twitter below

Meanwhile, Jennie and V are engulfed in dating rumors as their private photos have been leaked several times. However, the agencies on both sides have not made a statement.

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